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Cheese Stuffed Burgers

Dubliner Cheese Stuffed Burgers.

 500 g Beef mince
 1 Garlic clovefinally minced
 1 tsp Smoked paprika
 1 tsp Onion salt
 ¼ tsp Ground black pepper
 60 g Dubliner Mature Red cheese

Place beef mince into a medium sized bowl, use a fork to break it up. Mix in the garlic and seasoning ingredients.


Divide mixture into 4 equal parts, rolling each one into a large ball.


Cut the cheese into 2 thick slices, then cut each slice in half so that you have 4 cubes of cheese.


Use your thumb to create a hollow in the beef, then place a cube of cheese in the hollow. Pinch the mince closed to seal the cheese inside, then slightly flatten between your hands to form a patty.


Cook burgers through in a lightly oiled pan, preheated over medium high heat. Cook for 5-6 minutes on one side, then another 5-6 minutes on the other side. Tip: Placing a lid over the frying pan while burgers are cooking will help them cook through properly, it also helps reduce splatter!


Alternatively, cook on a barbecue for the same amount of time.


Serve on buns with toppings of your choice.

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